Building design activity is regulated by the following acts

  • Law No. 184 reissued
  • Law No.172 of 16 July 2010 amending and supplementing Law no.184/2001, regarding the organization and exercise of the profession of architect
  • Decision No.932 of 1 September 2010 approving the Methodological Norms for applying Law no.184/2001, regarding the organization and exercise of the profession of architect
  • Law No.50/1991 on authorizing the execution of constructions and some measures for achieving housing, republished

The planning certificate (Certificate of urbanism) is the information that the authorities, in accordance with urban plans and regulations, make known the applicant elements on the legal, economic and technical regime of the buildings on the request, and establish urban requirements to be met depending on the specific site and lists legal permits and approvals required for authorization.

In Romania the execution of construction works is allowed only on a building or demolition permit.

Building permit constitutes the act of authority of local government under which ensures statutory measures relating to the siting, design, construction and functioning of buildings.

Demolition, decommissioning or dismantling - partial or complete - of buildings and related facilities, as well as any improvement, is based solely on the demolition permit obtained in advance from the local administration.

AC - Project for building permit

The project for authorization of construction works and technical projects is developed by specialized technical collective, so:
a) an architect with a degree recognized by the Romanian Association of Architects (authorized to sign OAR member );
b) construction and installation engineers with diploma recognized by the Romanian State, for the engineering parts;
c) conductor architect, urbanist and/or construction engineer with diploma recognized by the Romanian State, for buildings of minor importance.

AD - Project for demolition permit

I. Written pieces

1. Designers list and signatures 
2. Memo

II. Drawings
1. Employment plan in the territory
2. Location map of buildings
3. Plans for underground construction
4. Survey of the building to be dismantled

Works that does not modify the resistance baseline characteristics of buildings and related facilities or their architectural appearance, can be run without building permit.