Basic services Architectural services are necessary for the production design, documentation for obtaining permits and building permit documentation, execution for contracting work, tracking site.

These are necessary and required missions carry through the work of building and recoveries, extension, repair, rehabilitation or demolition of a building, body building, group of buildings etc.

Basic services occupy the entire process of designing and tracking the execution work, from finalizing the design theme to the final acceptance of the works.

The content of the different phases may vary depending on the type, complexity of the investment and the pace of implementation, the type of financing, etc.

Basic services also include the coordination of specialist design teams, whether employed by an architect, a builder or a beneficiary.

The design phases are:
- finalizing and completing the design theme;
- the project (preliminary project, (pre) feasibility study);
- the technical project;
- documentation for obtaining permits and building permits,
- execution details and site tracking;
- the reception of the works and their completion.

If the site does not exist a regulation urban clear (corresponding to an Urban Master Plan - Master Plan, Urban Plan - Zoning Plan and Detailed Urban Plan - PUD) or if what is wanted is not in accordance with the Rules Urban existing - the town planning certificate, its issuer will require preparation of planning documentation (PUZ or PUD) by which to approve (or not) carrying out construction works other than those provided by existing regulations.

OAR - Guide to the pursuit of the profession of architect