Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ)

In accordance with Law 350/2001, amended and supplemented by Law 289/2006, the Urban Planning Plan - PUZ has detailed specific regulation character and ensures the correlation of the complex urban development with the provisions of the General Urban Plan - PUG of a strictly delimited area from the territory of the locality.

The initiator of a PUZ may preferably be the local public administration authority (County Council or City Hall / Local Council), but also any natural or legal person interested in the urban and / or urban development of a particular area of ​​the locality for which they are not set out in the PUG all urban planning regulations for the issuance of the building permit.

The development of a Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ) can be done only as a result of imposing it on an urban planning certificate, according to the conditions imposed by the PUG or issued following the application of some derogations from the approved RLU.

The establishment of areas for which Zonal Urban Plans (PUZs) must be established is usually done through the General Urban Plan - PUG.

The elaboration and approval of a Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ) is mandatory in case of:
- the central areas of the localities;
- protected and protected areas of monuments, recreation and recreation complexes, industrial parks, parcels;
- other areas established by local public authorities, according to the law.

The Urban Urban Plan (PUZ) is further developed for:
- Changing area functions;
- modification of the building regime;
- Modification of height, maximum permissible height and CUT;
- Establishing or modifying the permeable perimeter of the alignment (the property limit from the public domain) and the other limits of the parcels;
- extension of intravilan perimeter.

For the area studied in the Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ), there are also regulations on:
- organization of the street network;
- architectural-urban planning according to the characteristics of the urban structure;
- land use;
- development of the public infrastructure;
- legal status and movement of land;
- protecting historical monuments and servicemen in their protection areas.

In the Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ), as well as in the General Urban Plan - PUG, the type of plots and / or situations for which, in order to issue the building permit, the urban planning regulations must be detailed by a detailed urban plan - PUD.

The urbanistic regulations established by the PUZ have a validity period established by the decision of the Local Council that approved them and is usually five years.

Competence for the coordination and elaboration of Zonal Urban Plans (PUZ), including the related urban regulations, belongs to the architects and urbanists who have been certified by the Romanian Urban Registry - RUR with the right of signature for the urbanism documentation - the "D" category for the relevant PUZ to any kind of urban operation, "D1" in the case of PUZ for housing plots and associated functions, or "D2" for PUZ for housing plots, with up to 20 lots up to 1000 sqm each.
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