The architect

is the "man of conception" who has the ability and talent, supported by professional training, to conceive a volume (or space) built and to place it, in all its plastic-architectural and technical-functional complexity.

The architect's diploma is awarded following long-term studies (minimum 5 years) in which the professional future acquires knowledge indispensable for the realization and execution of the architectural project.

The exercise of the profession and the holding of the title of architect with the right of signature are regulated in Romania according to Law 184/2001, amended and supplemented by Law 43/2004. The professorship as an architect with the right of signing is possible only if the respective architect is inscribed in the National Architects' Chart published by the Order of the Architects of Romania in the Official Gazette, as a member of a territorial branch.

Throughout his career, the architect improves, improves his / her knowledge in a continuous formation process. Also, rehabilitation, restoration, site organization, landscape studies, impact studies, real estate diagnosis, technical expertise, project verification, etc. are areas where the architect exhibits his skills.

Since its enrollment in OAA, the architect is committed to complying with the Code of Ethics of the Architecture profession, which accompanies the text of Law 184/2001, respectively the professional obligations towards the beneficiaries.

OAR - Professional Guide for the Architect